Innovative antimicrobial workwear for healthcare and kitchens.

We’ve made functional & beautiful workwear since 2008, and are forerunners in antimicrobial garment treatment. Medanta is trusted by some of the biggest private healthcare providers in Finland.

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Antimicrobial Technology

  • Hygienic and safe

    Antimicrobial treatment for fabrics ensures that Medanta’s work clothes are safe and hygienic to use. Fabrics with antimicrobial treatment repel bacteria and viruses, preventing them from adhering to the surface and penetrating the fabric.

  • Safe for the environment and the user

    The antimicrobial treatment is applied during the manufacturing stage of the fabrics. The treatment is based on silver ion technology and does not impair the properties of the clothes. It is safe for the environment and theuser.

  • Continuous research and development

    According to research, the Medanta Flex fabric completely (100%) prevents Staphylococcus aureus bacteria from adhering to and multiplying on the surface of the fabric.This was found in a study conducted by Medanta in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 20743 standard in 2019 and 2020.

  • Endures 100 washes

    All Medanta fabrics are antimicrobial. The antimicrobial treatment has been proven to endure 100 industrial washes at a high temperature.

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  • We only produce clothes based on demand.

    We avoid overproduction by only making what our customers need. We buy big pieces of raw fabric which we dye and make in to products only when we have analysed the need of new productions.

  • Transparent production processes

    All of Medanta’s materials are produced responsibly in factories that comply with the guidelines of the International Labour Organization (ILO).Our factories use responsibly produced fibres, such as Ecovero, SEAQUAL, organic cotton and BCI cotton. Our European contract factory has its own power plant, and it sells its excess energy.

  • Traceable raw materials

    Responsibility begins with the designer. We select the raw materials for our materials in line with sustainability thinking: high quality gives textiles a longer useful life and reduces the burden on the environment.

  • High Quality

    We have spent a lot of hours in designing our products. One of the main issues is to make them as durable as we can. We ensure you that every piece of clothing will last you a long time and keep its colour. This saves a lot of money as well the environment.

Face Masks


Testimonial Controls

Restaurant Onion uses Medanta’s reusable masks — “Mask use has been completely effortless”

“The mask is comfortable and easy to breathe with,” Kharel praises.

The staff of Sipuli, an event restaurant belonging to the Noho Partners chain in Katajanokka, Helsinki, has been using Medanta’s permanent masks since the end of September.

The dense and flexible material does not easily penetrate droplets, as the antimicrobial technology of Medanta Microfiber fabric forms a film on the surface of the protector and does not provide a growth medium for microbes.

Sushi guru Jesper Björkell

Work clothes need to be easy to care for when large amounts of raw fish, soy sauce and rice starch are being processed in a professional kitchen. Hanko Sushi relies on Medanta’s antibacterial chef’s shirts and aprons, which are easy to wipe clean even during a hectic day at work.

Fascinating stories and their beloved Moomin characters now delight children and their families at Lasten Mehiläinen healthcare units for children.

“The Moomin stories include many themes related to health and well-being. In addition to health, the constituents of a good childhood include a balance between the child’s needs and the family and social relations. The Moomins and Lasten Mehiläinen have similar values, and we can talk about important themes in a relatable way through these stories,” says Mirella Girs, Marketing Manager at Mehiläinen.

Doctor’s coats that repel bacteria and give energy

Pihlajalinna, a leading Finnish provider of healthcare services, designed new clothes for its employees and patients in cooperation with Medanta. “Work clothes also affect how much employees enjoy their work, which has an impact on their environment,” says Pauli Waroma, Chief Marketing Officer at Pihlajalinna.

A popular medical drama series wears Medanta

The Finnish medical drama series Pulse follows hospital employees’ lives in and outside the hospital. Clothes provided by Medanta play an important role in making the series true to life.

Medanta supplied durable masks to Valtteri Bottas for the F1 pits

Valtteri Bottas Mask

A sports doctor recommended Medanta’s face masks to F1 driver Valtteri Bottas, who was impressed with the antimicrobial masks designed for professional use.

Medanta tailored masks for the F1 star under his brand. Bottas uses the masks in the demanding conditions of race weekends, for example. The masks are made from antimicrobial microfibre fabric that is comfortable to wear and offers excellent protection against splashes.