By: Elmo Ropponen

Who says nurses’ and doctors’ clothes cannot be comfortable, stylish and even original? Medanta produces work clothes for the healthcare sector and wants to revamp its dress code in Finland and abroad.

Clothes convey strong messages, even in the healthcare sector. Anu Kivelä, CEO of Medanta, enjoys seeing leading Finnish doctors and celebrities on the catwalk wearing the company’s clothes.

“It’s important for us at Medanta that healthcare professionals’ and patients’ clothes are comfortable, practical and nice-looking,” says Kivelä.

Medanta participated in the fashion show at the Aesthetics for Healthcare event in Helsinki. The models included Aki Lindén, CEO of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS); Sanna-Maria Kivivuori, Chief Administrative Medical Officer of HUS; Aira Samulin, dance teacher and business owner; and Kaarle Hämeri, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki. They wore outfits designed by Medanta for healthcare professionals.

Colours have an immensely powerful effect”


Aira Samulin is an iconic Finnish dance teacher who turned 90 in February and still runs a business. She wore a shirt dress from Medanta’s Care line. The pattern on the dress reflects Medanta’s core idea: healthcare professionals also have the right to express their personalities.

According to Samulin, paying attention to clothes is extremely important in healthcare.

“My daughter has schizophrenia, and I have visited her at the hospital thousands of times. I know that well-worn, stretched hospital clothes make the patients feel depressed. Colours have an immensely powerful effect on your mood, and they are also calming,” says Samulin.

“A little touch of femininity”

Sanna-Maria Kivivuori wore a doctor’s outfit designed by Medanta, with a lace pattern and trousers with sporty stripes.

“This feels very comfortable. I also like the little touch of femininity. Backstage, the other models have been particularly fond of the stripes on my trousers,” Kivivuori says.

Her outfit was made from a flexible material that is also antimicrobial, meaning that it reduces or even prevents the spreading of hospital infections.

“I would wear this to work”


Sari Sarkomaa, Member of Parliament, National Coalition Party, and Aki Lindén, CEO of HUS, wore a flexible blue-and-black work outfit designed by Medanta for Pohjola Health.

The outfit is made out of MedantaDenim and Flex materials, which are based on the latest textile technologies. The outfit is suitable for repeated washing. The beanie keeps the hair out of the way.

“It’s important that work clothes are comfortable and don’t restrict your movement. This outfit is very comfortable to wear. I could imagine myself wearing this to work if I worked in a hospital. It looks good, and the colours are harmonious,” says Sarkomaa.

“Even the children calm down”

Anna Rukko, member of the Espoo City Council, and Kaarle Hämeri, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, wore outfits from the Mehiläinen line that are made out of MedantaFlex and MedantaKnit materials.

“Children are often afraid of seeing a doctor and going to the hospital. I think a home-like atmosphere and comfortable, colourful clothes could comfort them and help them calm down,” says Hämeri.

“An important event”

According to Kivelä, a fashion show is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the need for modern work clothes for the healthcare sector.

“Beautiful, high-quality clothes made from flexible materials reinvigorate patients and promote healing. The clothes we have designed for doctors and nurses help them cope in their demanding, stressful work.”

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