About Us

Owners of Medanta Ltd.


Durable and washable. Safe and flexible. Stylish and breathable. Can work clothing be all that? The answer is yes. For us at Medanta, your work clothes are the most important thing in the world. 

Our story began in 2007, when the founders of Medanta met. Friendship came first, and the company was established a year later. We were united by a strong belief in the power and potential of Finnish design. We were wondering why this power was not reflected in work clothing. We decided to do something about that: we set out to design the best work clothes in the world. 

Our customers keep the country running by taking good care of people. Our clothes are worn every day in hospitals, healthcare centres, nursing homes, dental surgeries, veterinary practices, kitchens, restaurants and beauty salons.  

It is important for us that people enjoy their jobs. We design and manufacture clothes that make everyone feel good. A happy professional is the best advertisement for their workplace. 

Continuous development is one of our core values. In our latest project, we are studying how antimicrobial textiles can be used to reduce the spread of infection and improve occupational and patient safety.