Antimicrobial Tech

Medanta Flex Fabric Repels 99.8% of Staphylococcus Bacteria

The study was conducted on the S. aureus bacteria, which are commonly found on the skin and mucous membranes.

The blind study was conducted in accordance with the European SFS-EN ISO 20743 standard.

The Medanta Flex fabric has an antimicrobial finish. The treatment
prevents bacteria from spreading and eliminates odours.

With the increase of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, hygienic work clothes are key.

Medanta Flex is our own innovation. The fabric endures continuous use and industrial washes at high temperatures.

This was found in tests run over a period of several months as part of the laboratory analytics programme of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Medanta's Washable Face Mask Filters 80% of Bacteria

The study was conducted on Escherichia coli and Klebsiella
pneumoniae bacteria, which are common causes of infections, even among basically healthy people.

The Medanta 4-way antimicrobial microfibre fabric was compared with a reference fabric with no antimicrobial treatment.

Bacterial growth on Medanta’s fabric was 20–25% smaller than on the regular fabric.

Antimicrobial technology forms a film that repels and destroys bacteria.

Medanta’s durable mask withstands repeated washes at 60 °C, both industrially and at home.

The study was conducted by laboratory analytics students at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in late 2020.