By: Elmo Ropponen

Intelligent and antimicrobial features

Medanta brings hospital clothes into the present

Medanta is passionate about bringing doctors’, nurses’ and patients’ clothes into the present. The company was established by Anu Kivelä (third from left) and Taina Steiner (second from right).

Medanta’s antimicrobial hospital clothes prevent the spread of infections. Ineffective antibiotics pose a real threat, which is why Medanta receives enquiries from around the world.

When a dementia patient suddenly compliments their nurse on her dress, we know here at Medanta that we are headed in the right direction.

We established Medanta ten years ago, after wondering why hospital clothes were so impractical and light years behind the development of other textiles, such as sportswear. Today, our clothes combine health technologies with design. They are flexible, breathable, pleasant and nice-looking. Horrible hospital gowns are a thing of the past.

From the very beginning, we have cooperated closely with doctors, nurses and patients. In recent years, we have been focusing on textile safety. In 2015, we introduced an antimicrobial treatment that enables our clothes to prevent the spread of infections.

Ineffective antibiotics are a global threat. The topic is continuously on the WHO’s agenda, and the UN issued a resolution on antibiotic resistance last autumn. The problem is not only human, but also financial. According to the WHO, the costs caused by infections related to treatment amount to more than EUR 7 billion in Europe alone.

One solution to the problem is a high level of hospital hygiene and the prevention of infections. Textile safety plays an important role in this respect. Medanta receives enquiries about antimicrobial clothes from around the world, from Canada to Africa.

Intelligent clothes and hygiene services hold significant future potential. At Medanta, our inspiration has developed into a passion. Our team of eight professionals are doing everything they can to ensure that hospital and healthcare clothing is updated and made safer and more practical and that its quality improves in the process. In the union between health technology and design, the sky is the limit.

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