By: Elmo Ropponen

A sports doctor recommended Medanta’s face masks to F1 driver Valtteri Bottas, who was impressed with the antimicrobial masks designed for professional use.

Medanta tailored masks for the F1 star under his brand. Bottas uses the masks in the demanding conditions of race weekends, for example. The masks are made from antimicrobial microfibre fabric that is comfortable to wear and offers excellent protection against splashes.

Developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals, the durable masks are also ideal for the F1 pits, where temperatures and situations change and masks need to be highly reliable and comfortable.

Produced by Medanta, a manufacturer of antimicrobial work clothing, the durable facemasks are made from two-layer 4-way microfibre fabric that is highly breathable, fits snugly around the face and does not make the user feel sweaty. The antibacterial technology in the fabric forms a film on the surface of the mask that droplets cannot penetrate.

Valtteri Bottas had asked a sports doctor for mask recommendations, and the doctor had recommended our antimicrobial durable masks. First we tested the fit of the mask with Valtteri in Helsinki, and then our design team created a style based on his wishes,” says Anu Kivelä, CEO of Medanta.

Over the past few weeks, Medanta has delivered thousands of washable microfibre masks customised with company logos and brand styles.

“In addition to ensuring safety and comfort, companies want their masks to reflect the corporate image. We are delighted and proud that Valtteri Bottas opted for Medanta’s masks for the demanding circumstances in the F1 pits. It’s important that popular athletes serve as role models by considering the safety of their team and everyone else. Wearing a mask is a good example of this,” says Kivelä.

Tested by Eurofins, an accredited Spanish research institute, Medanta’s face mask has been proven to filter 84% of bacteria. The tests were conducted last spring.

The mask has been developed in close cooperation with Pihlajalinna, a private provider of social welfare and health services. The key requirements were comfort, functionality and, above all, safety.

The face masks are available for sale in Medanta’s online store, for both companies and private customers. Designed in Finland, the masks are made from fabrics developed by Medanta and are manufactured in Latvia and China. In its healthcare clothing production, Medanta has cooperated with the same, reliable manufacturers in China for several years.

“Durable masks must be washed at 60 degrees Celsius after each use. According to the results of our washing tests, the masks withstand more than 100 industrial washes. It’s advisable to order a sufficient number of masks, because they need to be replaced with a clean mask after each use. A fabric face mask helps the user to protect others from their possible infection. In addition, it’s important to ensure good hand hygiene and cough appropriately,” says Kivelä.

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