By: Elmo Ropponen

Medanta’s antimicrobial face mask was developed for professional use, but consumers are also impressed. The mask is one of the most popular products in our online store. The washable, comfortable and safe microfibre mask is suitable for a wide range of life situations and needs. We asked three of our customers about their experiences. This is what they said: “Medanta’s mask allows for easy breathing. It doesn’t make you sweat or feel uncomfortable. Wearing a mask has become a natural part of my daily life, much like wearing a seatbelt.”

Consumers have also discovered our washable antimicrobial face masks, which were originally designed for professional use. In cooperation with healthcare professionals at Pihlajalinna, a private provider of social welfare and healthcare services, we have developed a 4-way microfibre face mask that reduces the risk of droplet infection. Tested by Eurofins, an accredited Spanish laboratory, the mask has been proven to filter up to 84% of bacteria.

The antibacterial technology in the two-layer fabric forms a film on the surface of the mask that droplets cannot penetrate. Our mask is also a sustainable option alongside disposable masks. You can wash the mask after each use at 60–90 degrees Celsius, and it withstands more than 100 washes.

We asked our customers how this durable mask has made their lives easier amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


Satu Alasentie, Helsinki, Finland: “Thanks to the mask, I can lead an active life”

“I have asthma, so it’s particularly important to me that the mask is comfortable and allows me to breathe easily. I’m active and always on the move – even during the pandemic, considering safety, of course. Social situations have been much more pleasant since I purchased Medanta’s durable antimicrobial masks. I just enjoyed a lovely night of ballet at the Opera with a mask on my face.

I have also tried disposable masks, but they make me feel uncomfortable instantly, and breathing is difficult. The microfibre fabric in Medanta’s mask feels comfortable against the skin and is easy to breathe through.

I appreciate the high quality of the mask and the professional approach. Droplets cannot penetrate the antimicrobial fibre easily, and the mask is designed to be well-fitting.

I currently have two white durable masks, but I have ordered more – black this time. Style is important to me: I always wear matching accessories – handbags, scarves, glasses. It seems that we will need to wear masks for a long time, so the mask should also match the outfit and look stylish. Black works with everything, and the lavender option could also go well with my autumn look.

However, safety is the most important aspect to me, and that the mask is easy to use and allows for easy breathing. The feeling of safety is stronger now that more people are wearing masks. In my opinion, everyone should contribute and follow the mask recommendations.”

Ville Tolvanen, Helsinki, Finland: “The mask is nice and easy to wear – and helps the environment”

“I have been using Medanta’s durable face masks since August, when the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommended that masks should be worn on public transport. I live in Helsinki, and I use trams and buses almost daily. The risk of infection increases in crowds – keeping a safe distance is particularly difficult, if not impossible, at peak hours.

Wearing a mask felt a little strange at first, as I had never worn one before, but I quickly got used to it. Now it feels natural – and many other people are wearing them as well.

What I like most about Medanta’s durable mask is that it feels light and comfortable on the face. It fits snugly but feels fresh and allows for easy breathing. It also properly covers the nose and the chin. I appreciate the high quality of the mask and the antimicrobial properties of the fabric.

I’ve heard from friends how uncomfortable thick fabric masks can be to wear. The longest time that I’ve worn the mask continuously is thirty minutes on a train, and it didn’t make me feel sweaty or uncomfortable at all. Cleaning the mask is easy: I throw it in the washing machine. The fabric dries quickly after washing.

I currently have five durable masks, meaning that I always have clean masks available at home. I’m going to buy a few more now that stricter recommendations are being issued.

I feel that durable masks also help the environment: it’s not nice to see discarded disposable masks lying around here and there.”

Kaisu Jokinen, Rafal, Spain: “I don’t feel safe without a mask”

“I’ve been wearing a mask for quite a long time, and it has become a natural part of my life when I go out. I’ve compared wearing a mask to wearing a seatbelt. When wearing a seatbelt became mandatory, many people at first wondered whether they really need to wear one. However, once it became a habit, they felt unsafe without a seatbelt. Similarly, I feel unsafe if I go out without a mask.

I live in Rafal, a small town in the province of Alicante in Spain. Wearing a mask has been mandatory here since the announcement of the emergency in March. You will be fined if you are not wearing a mask.

I received my first shipment of Medanta’s durable masks from Finland in May. I have four washable microfibre masks, which is sufficient for my needs.

Wearing a mask has not been uncomfortable at any point. The summer was tough, though, with the temperature nearing 40 degrees Celsius. Moisture quickly becomes a problem if you are wearing disposable masks in high temperatures, but the breathable fabric in Medanta’s masks remained comfortable. I feel that I’ve also learned to use masks better: I breathe differently when wearing a mask, deeper and longer, allowing the mask to work. I have worn a mask for several hours at a time without any discomfort.

Wearing a mask has other benefits as well. During the pollen season in the spring, I also wore a mask when driving. It was easier for me to breathe, and my allergy symptoms were not as strong as in the previous years. We occasionally get sandstorms from Africa. In hot weather, you have no option but to keep the windows open to make the air circulate in your apartment. If the wind is carrying sand, I wear a mask indoors.

The situation in Alicante has improved since the spring, but we’ll see what the rest of the year holds. However, I feel that a new era has begun. What kind of era – that we will know perhaps in five years. Masks will probably be worn extensively over the next few years. People are beginning to realise that they should and must wear a mask for their own safety and the safety of others.”

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