By: Elmo Ropponen

The world’s largest medical trade fair in Germany confirmed that Medanta is headed in the right direction. Microbial resistance to antibiotics was one of the hot topics at the event.

At its worst, this is a problem that can be compared to climate change in terms of scope. In other words, solutions need to be found. One way is to pay particularly close attention to hospital hygiene. Medanta’s hospital clothes promote safety by preventing the spread of infections. At the trade fair in Germany, we received praise for the antimicrobial treatment of our clothes.

I participated in the MEDICA trade fair with Taina Steiner, my business partners. The event attracted more than 120,000 professionals from 130 countries.

A hundred washes – and more!

Current trends in the medical and healthcare sector include digitalisation, the development of diagnostics and the more extensive and multifaceted use of collected data. Growing trends also include pre- and post-operation rehabilitation, preventive healthcare and overall health promotion. These themes also guide our work at Medanta.

At the trade fair, our most frequently asked questions included the number of washes that the antimicrobial treatment of our clothes lasts. Our clothes have passed standard antimicrobial effective tests in a hospital laundry. The results prove that the treatment lasts at least 100 washes.

This is unique, even globally: such treatments usually last 30 washes at home.

A hundred washes is enough to cover a three-year clothing rental agreement, meaning that the antimicrobial treatment of our clothes doesn’t need to be repeated during the contract period.

Beautifully designed intelligent textiles

A wide selection of intelligent clothing was on display at the trade fair. However, the clothes usually included a device of some sort to add the intelligent features. Such clothing is not washable or durable.

This also confirmed that we are leading the way in developing sensor technologies integrated into materials.

In the future, clothes can be used to measure recovery and the effectiveness of exercises. Body temperature also plays an important role in the prevention of infections. If the patient’s body temperature drops before or during a procedure, their sensitivity to infection increases accordingly. We are developing intelligent hospital clothing that will warm the patient before the operation and keep them warm during it. This will also enable them to recover more effectively and rapidly.

Safe, antimicrobial and intelligent textiles are important for us at Medanta – and so are aesthetics and high-quality Finnish design. The positive feedback on the appearance of our products at the trade fair was heart-warming. Our clothes look nice, even inside out. Their colours, surprising details and modern design put many visitors in a good mood at the trade fair.


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